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My Story

I first found Lipsense back in September from my cute nail girl Jana. I picked out a lipstick color and and fell in love! I knew I wanted more colors! So I went back to her and purchased more colors. Our conversation went something like this.......

Jana said to me "hey umm…. you should just sign up, it's the same cost as the starter kit and you get the discount of 20-50% off retail, I think you would be great at this I said to her, WHO me!! What, are you sure? 1- I am shy 2- I don’t have a big presence on social media. 3- putting myself out there makes me so nervous 4- I just moved to the smallest town in the middle of nowhere!!

Long story short......

In FOUR months my $55 investment has turned into helping pay bills and purchase a new car for my family in just product sales alone, I am in shock how much potential there is for an incredible income in only just a few months. This is not even counting commission checks! I now have a solid team of girls who have joined me, who are so amazing and doing big things!

What really gets me so excited is to see these girls making it happen for themselves! If you can help someone else succeed and help change their lives, then it is ALL SO WORHT IT! Yes, the money is exciting but seeing someone else change their life is on a whole new level!

I have been super busy building my new ADVENTURE/BUSINESS all from home, setting my OWN HOURS. I am so grateful for this life changing opportunity!! Thank you Senegence!!

Who else wants to earn more money? I never dreamed that playing with lipstick could turn into cash and eventually create an amazing lifestyle. Never did I dream that going to WORK could be so much FUN!

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