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Lipsense-ReviewI decided to write this Lipsense Review because I know there has been a ton of buzz going on about this lipstick that lasts all day. The product claims to last all day and will not kiss off, smudge or move, even when you wipe your lips!

You may even be considering becoming a distributor for Senegence and begin selling their everlasting lipstick and other skin care products. However, before you make a decision on whether or not to buy Lipsense or become a distributor, I encourage you to read this entire Lipsense Review.

Here’s why…

I have personally tried a number of Lipsense colors and put them to the test. So I can show you real proof if this lipstick really works like they say or if it’s all hype. Read this whole Lipsense Review and I’ll tell you from personal experience what I found! I will also tell you all the pros and cons about the lipstick and why I decided to become a distributor.

I will tell you upfront, this business is NOT for everyone…

…why would you want to get involved with a business if it really isn’t going to help you achieve your goals, right?

This is what makes this a real Lipsense review and not some hyped up review trying to get you to buy the product or become a distributor.

I actually want to help you and provide you with the knowledge so you can make the best decision for yourself.

I must confess though, I have always been a lipstick/makeup junkie. You name it, I have tried it! Jeffery Star, Mac, Younique to yes good ‘ole Revlon. I have tried numerous lipstick/makeup products because I like to see how they finish my look, how good the coverage is, how well it wears all day and how it feels on my skin.

I realize this is not a Makeup review, but you can see my Senegence Makeup Review Here.

review-of-lipsenseAs I was saying, I’ve always enjoyed wearing lipstick because it finishes my look and I feel like I’m put together and ready for the day. Lipstick can also make me look like I put effort into getting ready for the day.

Let’s be honest, sometimes we have those day where we just throw on a baseball cap and run out the door. Wearing some lipstick makes me look like I put effort into it.

To be totally upfront (I promise I will always tell you the truth) Lipsense has some REALLY amazing benefits about it, but there are a few things that are not my favorite!

More on this in a minute…

What Is Lipsense And How Does It Work?

Lipsense is a lipstick, not lip stain. LipSense creates a bond that works as a mechanical shield from the sun.

It is considered a semi-permanent makeup! It WILL come off when you’re ready to take it off! It’s that simple.

Lipsense is made of millions of tiny color molecules and it’s suspended and thinned out by a product called SD 40 Alcohol. (more about SD 40 alcohol in a bit)

Its NOT the same as rubbing alcohol! You would never want to put rubbing alcohol on your lips. It’s extremely harsh and would DRY them out big time.

For some, the SD 40 alcohol will cause your lips to tingle as you apply because your lips have tiny nerve endings and if your lips are dry and cracked, they will tingle…… once your lips are no longer dry and cracked, you will not feel the tingle anymore.

When I first tried Lipsense, this was one of the things I did not like because it caused my lips to tingle , almost like a burning sensation which I was not expecting!

I have since found that using lipsense products everyday actually healed and softened my lips. I have not had dry lips since which is crazy because I live in a very dry climate!


SD 40 Alcohol – What Is It And Why Is It Good For Your Lips?

I really had to do my homework on this and find out exactly what SD 40 alcohol was because I had never heard of it. This is what I found….

SD 40 alcohol is the delivery system for the color. It is thinner than water, it’s a purified grain alcohol and is pure enough to be considered potable (consumable). SD alcohol acts as a thinning agent for the color and suspends the tiny color molecules.

Once applied to the lips, the alcohol begins to evaporate immediately! The color molecules are left and now the color is mechanically bonded to your lips. (this is where Semi-Permanent comes into play)

FUN FACT: SD40 Alcohol also keeps bacteria OUT of the LipSense tube for the life of the product! So no more throwing away your lip products after you get a cold. Or, better yet, no more re-infecting yourself with your cold because you DIDN’T throw out your lip products. Once opened it has a 2 year shelf life. UN-opened 3 years!

Applying Lipsense To Lips

When I first tried Lipsense, I wasn’t particularly excited about the whole, “Apply 3 times and then Gloss”.

It seemed like so many steps!? 3 layers plus gloss…really!?

Lipsense is applied in 3 layers for a few good reasons!

Here’s why:

(Which for the record I have tried getting away with just 1 or 2 layers… And just like they said, “does not last as long!”)

Here is the reasoning behind 3 layers. And yes, it totally makes sense now!

The 1st layer is the layer that contacts the skin first, therefore it will begin to breakdown faster.
The 2nd layer is applied over the first and is now protected from your lips by the first layer and the skins PH.
The 3rd Layer is applied to protect the second layer! It will be the barrier for food, saliva, friction ect. SO basically the 2nd layer is sandwiched in and protected which brings out the vibrant color and lasts all day!

Yes, you could wear Lipsense in 2 layers but like I said earlier, it’s just not going to last as long! You can see now why 3 layers is important.

So, if you want the best color pigment, I have found it just looks better with 3 layers and it will last me longer! So it’s a win-win because once applied I don’t have to think about my lipstick again! All I have to do is gloss, which is something I need to discuss as well.

Lipsense Glossy Gloss

lipsense-by-senegence-opportunity-reviewAfter your 3 color layers are applied you need to apply the gloss! They call it their “glossy gloss”.

Senegence has 11 different glosses…gasp!! Lipsense lip gloss does has vitamin E and Shea butter, both are extremely hydrating for your lips.

No Wax! We all know that wax is not good for our lips. Its like using wax on a car. Think about it… you apply wax to your car to keep moisture out, hence applying wax to our lips in essence does the same thing, keeps moisture out. Maybe that is why we are always reaching for our chapstick!

The lipsense glossy gloss will moisturize and PROTECT your lip color all in one! It is thicker than most glosses I have used in the past, but the thicker gloss will last longer.

It does wear off after a while and you will have a matte look. You may find yourself wanting to re-apply the glossy gloss or matte is a trendy look as well.

PS. they do have matte gloss!!

How Much Does Lipsense Lipstick Cost?

Let’s talk about how much we pay for a tube of Lipsense because that’s usually what everyone wants to know… $25 for one tube of Lipstick…OUCH!! That’s not cheap… or is it?

Before we jump to conclusions, let’s compare apples to apples or oz to oz of lipstick? This may surprise you as much as it surprised me.

First off, a tube of Lipsense lipstick is .25 fl oz. I compared that to my favorite tube of MAC Lipstick Viva Glam II which is .1 ounce and sells for $18. So using my simple math skills, I have roughly 2.5 times as much lipstick in a tube of Lipsense than I do with a tube of MAC. Sweet!

So it’s equal to buying 2.5 tubes of Mac lipstick to get the same amount in one Lipsense tube. And it would run me about $45! Sheesh! That’s starting to get a little spendy. And yet my Too Faced Lipstick is going to be even worse at $21 a tube….$52!! Yup…gasp… holy cow numbers don’t lie.

And to think I was buying YSL Lipstick at $36 a tube. That’s about $72 I was paying for a tube of lipstick in comparison. Yikes I wont even think about that!

So I guess when you really start comparing apples to apples, or oz to oz, $25 for a tube of lipstick sounds pretty good.

One thing too that I’ve noticed, is that not only is there more product per tube, the lipstick tube lasts a lot longer. I can usually get 4 times as much. Getting 4x the amount meaning lasting 4 times as long…I can live with that!

So it’s clear, I’m getting a BETTER deal with Lipsense! Plus, I totally color matched my old MAC and Too Faced faves with Lipsense colors! High Five!! I am officially a bargain shopper. wink wink.

Matching Style With Lipstick Colors

matching-style-with-lipsenseSpeaking of colors and color matching your favorite shades. Lipsense has over 32 different shades, from Pinks, Reds, Berry’s, Neutrals and Browns. Each color formula is produced differently and takes a year to formulate and develop a new color!

You can check out my Lipsense Colors and see the different shades I match with my style.

Did you know you can take 3 Lipsense colors and with all the different combos, make 27 colors! Yup…pretty cool that you can layer them to make up your own unique shade!

I never really wore bold and bright lipstick because I honesty hated checking it all day. It got on my teeth, it got on my glass, it got on my babies faces, it got on my man! It seemed like I was always reapplying it all the time and checking the mirror.

Now, I take a minute and apply my lipstick in the morning and it lasts me all day!! I just whip out my gloss every few hours, apply to help my color last and it’s nourishing my lips!

What I Love About Lipsense

There are several things I love about Lipsense.

I love that it’s kiss-proof/smear-proof/won’t rub off or transfer. I can eat a sloppy hamburger and not worry lipstick in places it shouldn’t be. I hated lipstick on my teeth.

I love that its waterproof. I can sit by the pool, go for a swim and it’s still there. And it’s also a mechanical shield from the sun. So my lips will never burn.

I also love that it’s wax-free, lead-free, cruelty-free and contains no animal bi-products.

I love that it lasts all day long, even in some of the harshest conditions. All I have to do it gloss every now and then.

I love that it’s less expansive than my current brand of lipstick. It will save me tons of money.

I really love that it’s made in the good ole USA.


There were a few things I didn’t love about Lipsense at first… Applying so many layers and the burning sensation on my lips. However, after a few weeks of using the product, my lips no longer tingled and applying layers became simple and quick.

So honestly I can say I love everything about Lipsense which is why I wrote this Lipsense review. And we haven’t even talked about the business opportunity yet.

Lipsense Business Opportunity

First, you should know I’m not a business woman. Nor was I seeking a business opportunity. I have been a stay at home Mom my whole life with my 4 beautiful kids. I already have a full time job which I wouldn’t trade for anything. My family is everything to me.

As I kept buying different colors of lipstick told me I buy enough lipstick, I might as well get it for half price. I liked that idea. I would be able to save a lot of money. So I signed up to be a distributor just to get the discount.

After wearing the lipstick day in and day out, my friends began to notice and wanted to try some colors too. I soon began to realize there was a potential opportunity to also make money selling the product. I mean, if I was willing to pay $25 for it, so would others.

Now, obviously the business opportunity is not for everyone. I did a full Lipsense Opportunity Review if you’d like to learn more about the opportunity.

I can tell you the journey has been incredible to say the least. Without any business background or blogging experience, I have been able create an amazing team of girls who are growing their businesses along side me.

So if you’re looking for a solid way to make money and team to help teach and train you, you found it. We have training calls each week where we talk about social media, marketing, lead generation, video production, etc. Everything you need to succeed in this business.

Click Here to join this opportunity! My name is Angela Severe Distributor ID #236304

If you have further questions I would love to talk to you! My Number is 801-602-9365

If you’re still not sure this is the right opportunity, and just want to get some lipstick, check out some Lipsense Colors here.

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